SOMATIC NOISE - physical dance theatre based in Malmoe [SE] / Copenhagen [DK]


KIRSTINE iLUM is one of Scandinavias young and emerging choreographers. Two creations of hers, PAUSE and MaMa is now laying scandinavia under their feet and have been loved by both press and audience.

ilum is driven by the urge to tell stories and often incorporates spectacular movement aesthetics according to the conceptual framework of the pieces. This makes her work powerful, interesting and energizing to watch. She has always had a preference for physically demanding movement forms and has among other experience with Parkour, Capoeira, stunt work, and competitive gymnastics. It comes to light in her work and this preference and urge to be physically challenged brought her to work for the Canadian choreographer André Gingras in 2003 - 2010. She has since 2008 been active as a producer.

DANIEL ERIKSSON graduated B.F.A. at the School of Drama at the University of Gothenburg.  Has thereafter worked mainly as an actor and singer on theatre stages around Europe. He has recently composed music for the play Merlin oder das wüste land, by Tankred Dorst in Germany 2008 and for the contemporary dance theatre pieces PAUSE 2009 and MaMa in 2010. Daniels first classical composition was for the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in 1998. Daniel is also active within composing jazz/pop/funk/rock since 2002. On top of co-producing, he is the guy in charge of graphic and web design as well as PR and sales.

He is based in Malmö or wherever his laptop is.